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Cinderella Story

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Released: 3.25.18

1. Never Knew

2. I Need you More
3. Cinderella Story
4. This Kind of Love
5. Beating for You

6. Draw Water from the Well

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story behind the song

" I can remember walking through the kitchen, singing to myself (not knowing it would be the same lyrics to this song) about a couple falling in love at a stop light. The first verse came easy but for some reason I could never finish the song. A few years later, I find myself sitting in the recording studio with Bomb House Productions picking through songs I started but never finished. The moment I started to sing the verse, Caleb Andrew, one of the producers said, "That's it!" I have to admit I was startled to hear the affirmation after singing the first five lines- I went with it.

The writing process for 'Cinderella Story' was the hardest by far. It was my vision to create a love song  to reach every relationship status, the 'single,' the 'taken,' and the 'waiting' man/ woman.

The verses are intentionally designed for couples to find that one lyric that relates to their story. I sing of 'love at first sight,' 'long distance relationships,' 'high school sweethearts,' 'dancing under the stars,' and 'meeting in odd places.'

'Mirror of Illusions' represents the waiting factor that most are experiencing today. The girl finds herself in preparation for the man of her dreams to come, she wonders what it would be like to have her prince in the present. I like to imagine 'Cinderella' adding the final touches of her wardrobe, making sure that every strand of hair is in place. As she looks in the mirror, she imagines the future of 'what could be.' She is stating 'I am ready but where are you?'

The last verse ties the whole song together by giving hope to the listener to wait. Wouldn't it be fun to build a castle/house together? Never loose hope for love because it will always find its way to your doorstep. Even though this was the hardest song I have ever written (by far) it is my favorite because I know that I am ready, loved by my father in heaven, and I am beautiful regardless of another opinion.

Those of you who desire to have the perfect 'Cinderella Story' remember this one nugget- Beauty has a standard." This was the greatest lesson that I have learned since last year when I found my muse in the mountains. This standard of beauty is not based on a list of "must-do" material things, but the position of one's heart.

My biggest desire was to have this video relate to so many couples but it helped me out more than anything in many ways. I also never imagined of this video winning an award but it did. for this, I am grateful.

-Kady Rain

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